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Aroline eLiquids– real catch for vapers

Aroline eLiquids– real catch for vapers

Today’s vape market presents a wide range of various products and vapers may face certain difficulties trying to find eLiquid they like. And if they manage to do so, it may be quite pricey.

In order to save vapers’ time, both beginners’ and experienced vapers’, we would like to present unique Aroline eliquids.

Before talking about each product, let’s consider general information. All liquids are available in 30ml plastic bottles with tamper-evident tops but without childproof system.

Big disadvantage of the product is that there are no pipettes or nozzles, which made these bottles not very easy-to-use.

Label on each bottle includes all necessary information: from place of manufacture to counter indications. But the manufacturer forgot to add taste description.

Aroline product line includes 3 various tastes, but without Google it is difficult to distinguish them.

So let’s describe each flavor.

Paradise. There are a lot of descriptions of this taste on the Internet. Authors write that it is a liqueur and apple mix. But to tell you the truth it is difficult to feel the combination while vaping.

Psycho. This eLiquid has fruit and berries jam flavor. Many vapers like them. While exhaling one tastes the flavor of berries. Really tasty.

Pandora is the most interesting eLiquid of the line. Manufacturer says it tastes like waffles. And it really does. It triggers memories of childhood; it has very rich and sweet flavor. Perfect for dessert of each vaper.

So let’s sum up everything.

Aroline eLiquids turned out to be very interesting. Each product of the line has its own zest. The price will also surprise: nearly UAH 100 for a bottle, quite affordable.

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