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De la France e-liquids. Review of JWell line

De la France e-liquids. Review of JWell line

Each vaper is interested in two things: testing of a new device and tasting of new flavor. Today we are going to satisfy second category thirst, presenting the review of three e-liquids from French manufacturer called JWell.

We are examining products from various lines: one from La Parisienne collection and another two representatives from All Saints series. Capacity of each tank is 30 ml; proportions are 50 VG:50 PG. E-liquid can contain 0.3 and 6 mg/ml. We have 3 ml of e-liquid.

At first view

Although e-juices are from different lines, it doesn’t influence packaging quality. All of them are delivered in cardboard tubes, which is not a common phenomenon, with a glass bottle inside.

Bottles are equipped with pipettes, so it is quite easy to fill a tank with JWell flavors.

Looking at design, e-juices can be divided for male and female ones, but that’s just prejudices. Actually, there are various flavors. Let’s examine them.

So, we are sharing our impressions of de la France e-liquids.

Saint German (La Parisienne line)


Description from the manufacturer: change decorations with amazing mix of sweet cherry and fresh lemon with almond

Interesting taste of rich cherry with light hint of almond on the inhale and strange aftertaste on the exhale. But in general, this e-liquid is quite pleasant.

Dragon Blood (All Saints line)

Description from the manufacturer: a duet of red berries and strawberry with cream that will wreath your head

Slightly sour taste similar to berries on the inhale. Promised vanilla hints are determined. Light coolness similar to menthol on the exhale. Totally, all tastes are mixed in one common flavor.

Baron Samedi (All Saints line)

Description from the manufacturer: caramelized biscuits with banana fondant will overjoy you

Very concentrated taste that would be better to attenuate. Pleasant sweet cupcake on the inhale and on the exhale but with light caramelized hint.

These JWell e-juices are for those looking for something brand new, because such flavors can’t be compared with any others. Rich, new, unusual – just like France.

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