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Where to hold large-scale events in the CIS countries?

Where to hold large-scale events in the CIS countries?

Are you organizing exhibitions or conferences and planning to look for the event venue? Learn about 4 best locations on the territory of the CIS countries!

Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow

International exhibition center Crocus Expo is one of the most popular exhibition platforms in the world. Complex annually hosts over 350 events. One of the upcoming events is VAPEXPO Crocus, as far as the center can manage projects of various complexity. The area of IEC comprises 701 800 sq.m – the scale is amazing. That’s why Crocus Expo was chosen for a vaping event.

Sokolniki ECC in Moscow

Sokolniki is one of the constantly active exhibition centers in Moscow. The area of 27 000 sq.m includes 10 pavilions, designed for events of different format. Exhibition organizers are provided with additional services, for instance, building of booths, provision of required equipment, catering, etc.

Lenexpo exhibition complex in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg offers a perfect place to showcase your products and services at specialized exhibitions – Lenexpo.

It is located in the center of international trade routes. Complex is intended for B2B and B2C events. The main advantage is the possibility to arrange water exhibits. Six hectares of Lenexpo – open exhibition floor and 40 000 sq.m for pavilions.

The IEC in Kyiv

The International Exhibition Center in Kyiv is the most well-known exhibition platform in Ukraine. The IEC consists of three big pavilions, the total area of which is 58 000 sq.m. The center is equipped with an excellent ventilating system, has 15 conference halls, food spots, press centers and a parking lot for several hundreds of cars.

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