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FAQ on vaping legislative regulation in Ukraine

FAQ on vaping legislative regulation in Ukraine

The normative base regulating vaping in Ukraine is the hell of a mess, but an experienced lawyer knows the ropes. Moreover, discovering this issue, he is able to explain it to others in a simple and clear way. We have managed to find such a specialist. Alexey Pavlenko, the president of the Association of Electronic Vaping Market Participants (AEVMP), cleared up the vaping legislation situation himself and then shared it with participants of the industry B2B conference taken place within VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 on March 4.

The speaker dedicated his presentation to the most common issues, bothering every vape entrepreneur. We offer you FAQ on five of them.

What documents should one rely upon while running vape business?

As Ukraine does not have any vaping regulatory acts, entrepreneurs should rely upon the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Rights Protection". It regulates the aspects related with both e-liquids (see Fig. 1) and electronic devices (see Fig. 2).

Besides, authorities follow this document when inspecting private entrepreneurs.

What should include a label of an e-liquid bottle?

Look carefully on the first image. The following points are left to the discretion of manufacturers:

  • ingredients and amount of nicotine;
  • storage conditions;
  • warnings regarding the use.

Other parameters should be specified necessarily.

Is a device application instruction a must-have?

No, it is not. But according to the law, consumers have the right to return a device in case of failing to puzzle out how to use it. Thus, it is advantageous for manufacturers to put the instruction in a package, as this small paper plays a great role.

What about device warranty?

Both manufacturers and distributors should give customers a warranty certificate. Take into account one more aspect: as the country does not have either certificated workshops or vaping device service centers (because of the absence of a certification scheme), in case of breakdown, you should solve this problem on your own.

A user wants to exchange a device. What should one do?

According to the same law, consumers do have the right to return a good within 14 calendar days. You are not allowed to refuse this request in the following cases:

  • if a product has not been used;
  • a market condition is kept;
  • if consumer properties, stamps, and labels are perfectly safe;
  • if a customer provides a check or other payment documents, confirming the purchase and issued along with the product.

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has taken care of manufacturers and issued the Government Act № 172 of March 19, 1994, to protect them, specifying the list of irrevocable goods even if all above-mentioned conditions are conducted.

I have not received an answer to my question. Besides, I have some ideas regarding vaping laws. Where and whom should I address?

It is highly likely that we have missed the issue bothering you? We also assume that something remains unclear after reading the article or vice versa: you have new questions and, perhaps, ideas regarding the new vaping legal regulation.

In such a case, it is the AEVMP led by Alexey Pavlenko that can help you. It is a non-governmental organization, representing vape business interests at the government. Its representatives regularly attend Verkhovna Rada’s sessions and actively participate in discussions of bills in order not to prevent vape industry development in Ukraine.

The AEVMP is always open for new participants and new ideas. By the way, it has resources for their implementation. The association members will also answer all your questions regarding vaping legal aspects.

You can contact the AEVMP by email

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