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Evgeniy Grigoriev: "Do not trust creativity, trust numbers"

Evgeniy Grigoriev:

 As part of the second international exhibition VAPEXPO Kiev-2016, the industrial conference on vape business in Ukraine was held.

Evgeniy Grigoriev, the Senior Account Manager of SEO-Studio presented his report on the topic "Promotion of the online vape shop: opportunities, trends, cases". His speech was so important for the online shops owners that we decided to share its key points with you.

Evgeniy Grigoriev has provided the statistics on the keywords search for the big online vape shops. Out of 100% of organic search, 56.8% goes for the targeted query. 22.89% - direct click-through. 11.67% - click-through rate on someone’s recommendations. 6.56% - social networks. And only 2.07% are email-newsletters.

For the successful promotion of the online store, the expert advised to focus on SEO optimization. This will exponentially increase the organic search feedback.

The main reasons of the low traffic for the vape websites are:

  • low user-friendliness;
  • non-unique content;
  • lack of internal optimization;
  • reckless purchase of link mass.

The semantic core is the key to a good promotion according to Evgeniy Grigoriev. For selecting the relevant semantics he recommends to use the following:

  • keyword planner by Google and Wordstat by Yandex;
  • Google Analytics, Yandex.metric;
  • Google Webmaster Tools;
  • paid services for semantics selection (Serpstat etc.).

After a semantic core is formed one should create a cluster table of queries, keywords and frequency.

Clustering is a grouping of the key queries of the same kind.

Clustering can be:

  • manual (logic/intuition);
  • automated (using related software);
  • following the model of the competitors. Here the expert recommends not inventing the wheel as well!

Important details of the key queries grouping:

  • each query is used within the website frames only 1 time (!);
  • not more than 5-7 queries for one URL, for some categories up to 10-12;
  • queries should be the most relevant and targeted.

Correctly formed SEO-structure allows reaching the maximum coverage of target audience, increase the number of key queries and online shop conversion, reduce the time for bringing the website to the top and lower the promotion cost.

It is important to pay attention to the content. Website should be filled with exclusively unique and useful information. One should not involve the website in diverse subjects. First, you should make a list of top-priority topics and types of content to begin the filling with. It is essential to take care of the texts blocks on all the landing pages. To make the already existing pages unique you may consider references, comments and ratings.

Using meta-tags is a must:

  • The title must contain the promoting and logically precise keywords consisting of 60-80 characters.
  • The description should include a brief info about the page content and be no longer than 150-180 characters.
  • H1 —the headline of the main page should be used only once.
  • Configure CNC – user-friendly URLs.

In order to increase sales, it is necessary to focus on the website usability and learn how to build the proper and long-term relationships with the customers.

At the end of the presentation, all the attendees were given a free audit of SEO-Studio and asked the lecturer their questions.

By the way, another major vape event is coming soon— Ukranian Vape Week.

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