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Enjoy Coin – the main currency at VAPEXPO Kiev

Enjoy Coin  – the main currency at VAPEXPO Kiev

May we remind you that we look forward to seeing you at VAPEXPO on March 4–5 (Kyiv, IEC, 15 Brovarskoy Ave)! At the booth of Enjoy Smoke, you will find exclusive vaping products and many other interesting entertainment activities with pleasant prizes, including Enjoy Coin!

Enjoy Coin is an individually numbered coin – the main currency at VAPEXPO. It provides a chance to participate in the “Big prize draw”, which will be held at the end of VAPEXPO’s second day!


  • 1st place – Comp Lyfe Spectrum
  • 2nd-16th places – Diamond Vapor 60 ml
  • 17th-31st places – Enjoy Juice 60 ml
  • 32nd-46th places – Tropical Island 60 ml
  • 47th-61st places – Wick and Wire 120 ml
  • 62nd-101st places – Wick and Wire 30 ml

You will definitely receive Enjoy Coin for making purchases worth over 100UAH at the booths of Wick and Wire, Enjoy Smoke and Vape Bar, as well as for the participation in our events:

  • Engaging table game “Carrom” – mini pool, played with fingers! Winner of every game will receive one Enjoy Coin that will participate in the “Big prize draw”!
  • Guess the flavor! “Judah” with shells will be standing behind Enjoy Smoke’s bar counter. Shells will be hiding craft e-liquids from Enjoy Smoke. The aim is to guess the flavor in stages! There will be single-component flavors at beginner level, two-component – at advanced level, and a complicated mix – at expert level!

For each passed level you will receive a prize: beginner – Enjoy Coin, advanced – craft e-liquid from Enjoy Smoke, expert – Enjoy Juice or Tropical Island to choose from (if participant passes the expert level, he doesn’t receive the craft e-liquid)!

  • Selfie zone at Enjoy Smoke’s booth – those who will make a photo, post it on Instagram with hashtags #enjoyjuice #tropicalisland #wickandwire, and tag enjoy_smoke on the photo, will receive special discounts: Wick and Wire – minus 25%, Enjoy Juice – minus 50%, Tropical Island – minus 50%!
  • Enjoy Wi-Fi: connect to our Enjoy Wi-Fi network at VAPEXPO and log in through social media. 45 prizes will be drawn among all participants on March 6 (Monday) – Enjoy Juice, Tropical Island, craft e-liquid from Enjoy Smoke!

We look forward to seeing you at VAPEXPO! Participate and win!

The event is sponsored by Enjoy Smoke and Wick and Wire.

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