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Engine RTA by OBS – a controversial model

Engine RTA by OBS – a controversial model

Measure thrice and cut once – the Chinese company OBS probably adheres to this principle. It presents novelties not so often, but when it does present something new, there are almost no critical feedbacks.

Smart Chinese fellows take a proven product and add some ingenious zest, which makes people buy their innovation.

Company has released a new atomizer recently. Exacting vapers differ widely in opinions. Some people criticize the new device, blaming OBS for lumping everything together. Others are happy with improvements. So it’s hard to predict your opinion.

Let’s have a closer look at Engine RTA.

It has a standard deck, featuring Velocity-style posts. There are 4 holes at the bottom, where you can hide cotton ends.

Engine RTA has a top airflow design. Airflow control ring rotates and draws in air from 3 sides. Developers believe that it’s quite enough for getting the desired sensations from vaping, but many people won’t agree with them. Still it isn’t the best option for flavour delivery.

2 ml tanks are not rare nowadays, but this model has a completely different situation. Its tank capacity is 5.2 ml, and the diameter of connector is 25 mm. You won’t have to refill it all the time. And that’s cool! A large hole allows pouring the liquid even from bottles with a big nozzle.

The average price of this device is $25-30. Prices range depending on the store. It should be admitted that this tank is not the cheapest option, taking into account its characteristics. The choice is yours. 

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