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Elena Rogulis: “Tobacco companies were too late to enter the game”

Elena Rogulis: “Tobacco companies were too late to enter the game”

There are several days left till the start of the second vaping exhibition in Ukraine. Therefore, we have decided to talk to one of our speakers – Elena Rogulis, analyst of international company Euromonitor International.

She will tell us about up-to-date trends and prospects of vape industry in Europe and throughout the world at VAPEXPO KIEV-2016 on October 1. And today we will talk to Elena about the influence of vaping on tobacco market, legislative regulation of industry and sales channels.

Interviewer: VAPEXPO Kiev (VAPEXPO)

Speaker: Elena Rogulis (E. R.)

VAPEXPO: Will the tobacco market change under the influence of vape products?

E. R.: Tobacco market is already changing, and in Europe it can be noticed in countries where vaping continues gathering more and more supporters. For example in England the number of vapers has already reached 2.5 million, and that’s over 25% from all smoking population of the country. As far as the majority of vapers are former smokers, e-cigarettes are direct competitors of tobacco products, step by step taking away their market share. Having realized it, global tobacco companies began producing their own goods for e-cigarette market, but their mistake is that they were too late to enter the game.

VAPEXPO: How legislative regulation influences the consumption of vape products?

E. R.: Legislative regulation of vape products has its advantages and disadvantages. Everything depends on the text of the draft. On the one hand, the introduction of definite quality and security standards for vape products will increase the loyalty of mass-market costumers. On the other hand, excessive taxation, ban on online sales, licensing can do much harm to all market participants, as far as the price will increase by several times.

VAPEXPO: What are the top sales channels of vape products?

E. R.: Top sales channels of vape products in Europe are Internet stores and vape shops. Online orders are popular, as far as in this case products are usually cheaper than in a landbased shop, plus you have access to a large assortment. Many beginning vapers make purchases in landbased vape shops, as they can consult with a salesman there and get a decent recommendation on what e-cigarette and e-liquid to buy, taking into account their preferences.

VAPEXPO: Elena, what will you tell the audience at VAPEXPO Kiev?

E. R.: At the conference I will speak about the development of vape industry throughout the world, about the largest and most rapidly growing markets and sales channels, legislative regulation of vaping in Europe, the latest innovations and prospects, and of course about the vape market in Ukraine.

Come to listen to the presentation from Elena on October 1, and find out what you can bet on today and what the prospects of your business are in the future!

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