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Electronic pipe – a new vaping device

Electronic pipe – a new vaping device

Electronic gadgets for vaping have been acknowledged as a good alternative to smoking tobacco products for several years. Vaping is more money-saving, and what is more it doesn’t have the same harmful impact on human health. To maintain their positions in the vaping market, manufacturers of electronic vaping devices started using new technologies to attract more customers. For example, one of the latest innovations is an electronic pipe.

Электронная трубка

In fact, an electronic pipe does not differ much from an e-cigarette, except for its shape. It looks massive and presentable as if it was real. But this device should be filled with e-liquid instead of the habitual tobacco.

Электронная трубка для вейпинга

How does an electronic pipe work? Everything is simple: when a user presses the fire button and inhales, a sensor responds to the airflow, and vaporizer starts working.

Naturally, any device has pros and cons, and an electronic pipe is not an exception.

Электронная трубка для вейпинга


  • no combustion products in the process of vaping;
  • spacious casing of the device;
  • presentable look;
  • excellent quality of assembly and component parts produced by any manufacturer.


  • e-liquids can contain nicotine;
  • not everyone will be happy with the sizes and shape of the device;
  • no possibility to create a casing which would house more than one battery.
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