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Dileomit eLiquids review

Dileomit eLiquids review

Today we will talk about Dileomit eLiquids from Kazanian producer.

Dileomit eLiquid is not promoted to be the premium one by the producers. The line of products has 3 mixes: Cornicen, Centurio and Aquilifer.

All liquids are available in 15ml bottles, made from rigid food grade plastic with tamper-evident tops. All tops are covered with sealing wax. From the one hand it is quite aesthetic and beautiful, but from the other – inconvenient, because each time you open the bottle wax is crumbling.

There are no pipettes or nozzles, which made these bottles not very easy-to-use.

Label on each bottle includes name of the producer and mix, information about strength of nicotine, mix composition, various warnings and link to producer’s website.

All mixes have 70% glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. There are two variations of nicotine strength: 0.3 and 6 mg.


Centurio is juicy and quite sweet citrus mix with watermelon flavor. Juicy orange inhale paired with slightly sour lime taste and lemon zest on exhale. It can drive anyone crazy. This mix is extremely juicy and fresh, perfect for summer time.

Aquilifer is quite sweet confectionary blend. A full flavored apple pie with cinnamon and orange zest is the main profile with light vanilla flavor. This mix delivers a complex, yet interesting flavor. Maybe it is one of the best choices for a delicious dessert.

And the last but not the least one is Cornicen. It is fruit and confectionary mix, really extraordinary one. Cornicen is very complex mix of banana cream, ripe juicy pear and not overripen melon with hints of sweet mint. This flavor is harmonious and perfect for everyday vaping.

Overall Dileomit eLiquids make a good showing. They are interesting and complex. Mixes attract attention with their multifacetedness and new uncommon testes. It is obvious that producer was preoccupied and created peculiar flavors, incomparable to others.

It is recommended to vape these eLiquids using sub ohm tanks or rebuildable dripping atomisers.

Producer should think over adding a kind of pipette to the bottles: Beauty and esthetics play great role, but one shouldn’t forget about usability.

The price for 15 ml is 4 USD. It is up to you to decide whether it is expensive or not.

Have fantastic flavor and dense clouds of vapor.

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