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Coil Master DIY Kit V2 review

Coil Master DIY Kit V2 review

Coil Master DIY Kit V2. Such kit will definitely simplify life of any vaper.

The kit comes in a small high-quality and branded case. Its material is quite hard. Zipper is good. It doesn’t break and has easy zipper motion.

Inside there is a card in addition to the instrument for checking its originality and branded pack with small amount of cotton, as well as a bit of 0.5 kanthel. Each instrument in the kit is branded.


Let’s take a look at every item in the kit, starting with indispensable item, especially for those who use mechanical mods. It is ohmmeter and voltmeter. Ohm Meter is used to measure resistance of your atomizers. Using a voltmeter, you can find out voltage of each particular mode.

Kuro coil tool. This tool will help both beginners who have not become a skilled hand on coiling yet and more experienced vapers who want to save their time.

Next to it there is a set of rods for kuro coil tool in silicon case. Coiling Rods have different diameter: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0mm. There is also a hexagon screwdriver. Everything is packed quite compactly and cross functionally.

There is also special place for extra batteries.

Then we see coil with kanthel, but you can keep there any standard kanthel wire you like. And the last tool in this set is scissors. In previous version of the kit scissors were mediocre, but these stainless steel folding scissors are really great.

On the other side of the kit there are two tweezers. The first one is an elbow tweezer (T3) to make all adjustments of cotton. The second one is a ceramic tweezer (T1) so you can fire your coils while squeezing to.

There are also two screwdrivers: a black pen styled cross screwdriver and red pen styled straight screwdriver.


One more universal and unexpendable item is needle-nose pliers. And finally there are diagonal pliers in this kit. This tool will become an Aladdin's lamp while cutting off a wire in difficult to reach places. These pliers cut easily both thin and thick kanthel wire. You won’t need to screw wire ends anymore to chip them off.

Everything you need to wrap coils is organized well in Coil Master DIY kit V2. This kit would facilitate vaping for both experiences vapers and beginners.

With the Coil Master DIY Kit V2, you can wrap coils and vaping everywhere – at home or afield. It will also become useful while traveling.

The price on is $50.

Have fantastic flavor and dense clouds of vapor!

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