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Whose health can suffer from vaping?

Whose health can suffer from vaping?

When a user asks Google whether vaping is harmful to health, he is usually concerned about his own body. This article discusses a different aspect: it is intended for people who want to find out whether vaping can do harm to health of those who surround us.

Is vaping harmful to women?

To some extent vaping is harmful to everyone, and not only to the fair sex. But female body is more sensitive to various habits, including vaping.

Special attention should be paid to the harm that vaping can do to a pregnant woman. If the woman was smoking before getting pregnant, and decides to consider vaping as an alternative to smoking, we will disappoint her: even vaping and even without nicotine can do irreparable harm to baby’s health. Together with vapor the woman inhales all the components of e-liquid, and it can lead to different consequences: allergy, heart diseases, pulmonary insufficiency. The same should be taken into account by nursing mothers.

Is vaping harmful to children?

Sure. Children and teenagers have growing bodies. It's not for nothing that they are treated by pediatricians instead of general physicians. Doctors strongly recommend refraining from vaping in the presence of children, and it is forbidden to sell vape products to underagers by the law.

Besides that, one should not forget about psychology. Children are always willing to copy adults. If you care about your child’s health, provide an appropriate example.

Is vaping harmful to pets?

It is unknown for sure whether vaping is harmful to pets, but we suppose that there is no point in scientific researches to conclude that one should avoid vaping near his cat, dog, parrot or hamster. Don’t forget that the eyesight of four-footed and feathered pets differs from human eyesight. If a cat sees well in darkness, it doesn’t mean that it can see through vapor. Happy owners of dogs should think about the nose of their faithful friend: vaping will harm the sharpness of the sense of smell. Moreover, keep vaping accessories out of reach of animals: you must understand what might happen.

Be careful and take care of your beloved as well as other people that surround you. Take into account that zero nicotine vaping is also harmful to those mentioned in the article. Be responsible vapers: vape only near those people who don’t mind it. And if you see a pregnant woman or a teenager with an e-cigarette, feel free to warn them about consequences.

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