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Chakra: future hit of the vaping liquids

Chakra: future hit of the vaping liquids

The latest vaping news from India shocked the whole global community, including the vaping opponents. The owner of a small Indian products shop got jailed for several vaping devices and accessories that were found underneath the counter by national intelligence agencies. For such possession and distribution of the product this man was imprisoned for three years.

What made us remember about this sad accident was the liquids collection called Chakra. It’s designed in the Indian style and an unaware person might think that it’s produced in that country. In fact, Chakra is produced right in the heart of the Russian capital, which makes the price of this product quite accessible.

Taking into account the targeted mass consumers, this liquid is designed in the modest style: cheap plastic bottle, drop-tube and white cap with no sign of protection for kids. Anyway, you buy what’s inside, so there’s no need to mind the package. In addition, it’s decorated with beautiful Indian eye-welcoming patterns.

Other than that, manufacturer didn’t miss the key factors – composition on the label side, amount of nicotine and warnings. Also, there are contact details with manufacturer’s public in VKontakte social network. In order to find it, just scan the QR code.

Collection of flavors compensates all the flaws well enough. Taking into account the value for money, Chakra can be called the liquid that suits you better than you’d even expect. If the manufacturer had considered using other design materials, this collection would’ve been considered the premium class product.

Available liquid strength is 0/1,5/3/6 mg/ml. Proportion of propylene glycol to glycerin is 60/40. There are seven kinds of liquids, each of them having an exquisite fruit base:

  • Sahasrara
  • Ajna
  • Vishuddha
  • Anahata
  • Manipura
  • Svadhisthana
  • Muladhara

Each flavor is unique and tastes like nothing other. Chakra liquids are definitely winning hearts. Considering the price, they would easily become the season hit.

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