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How to understand it’s time to change your atomizer?

How to understand it’s time to change your atomizer?

The number of fans of vaping is growing day by day. Willing to enjoy vaping, vapers buy devices with unusual design and wide functionality. However, even expensive devices get out of order. So what happens to them?

Usually, the problem is connected with the atomizer. Therefore, to vape with pleasure not worrying that the device will stop working anytime, it’s important to know how often to change the atomizer. 

What is an atomizer? 

Atomizer is one of the main component parts of any vape device. That is the part of the device thanks to which saturated and thick vapor is produced. In fact, it is a vaporizer responsible for heating the aromatic e-liquid and turning it into vapor. The heating element it uses is a coil. The juice is supplied to it before evaporating. 

What does the lifetime of the atomizer depend on? 

To understand how often you should change your atomizer, let’s clarify what influences its lifetime.  

• E-liquid 

Different e-liquids have different aromatizing agents, composition, and characteristics, which affect the level of carbon deposit. Besides, many vapers believe that the predominance of glycerin leads to the quick breakdown of the atomizer. 

• Depth, frequency, and duration of draw

Naturally, the longer and more intensive you use the vape device, the more carbon deposit will accumulate on the coil. 

How to understand it’s time to change the atomizer? 

Many vapers develop a habit of changing the vaporizer once per 2 to 3 weeks. However, considering the factors that cause the deterioration in the performance, you should pay attention to the amount of vapor, drawing, and taste. 

If you feel that less vapor is produced, the taste has changed, and the whole process becomes not that pleasant, that is a sign that it’s high time to change your atomizer. 

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