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Anatoliy Anatolich: ‘Probably, I would invite a global champion in vape tricks to an interview’

Anatoliy Anatolich: ‘Probably, I would invite a global champion in vape tricks to an interview’

Vaping is an industry constantly involving more and more people regardless of their status, age, and social class. We know a lot of foreign artists who like relaxing with a mod but nothing about home stars keen on vaping.

Our journalists managed to come across a well-known Ukrainian showman and a host Anatoliy Anatolich. We talked about his favorite e-juices, attitude to vaping, and the possibility of inviting a vaper to his authorial program.

Interviewer - VAPEXPO Kiev

Respondent - Anatoliy Anatolich (A.A.)

VAPEXPO: How long have you been vaping?

А.А.: I have been vaping for a couple of years but not on a daily basis, of course. Usually, I vape to chillax. I don’t smoke cigarettes and even hookah though vaping appeals to me as an alternative to the abovementioned. This is less harmful and more acceptable for other people.

VAPEXPO: In your point of view, why is the vaping industry thriving?

А.А.: I like that manufacturers develop many qualitative e-juices and pleasant smells. It’s cool if everybody enjoys them. Moreover, there are contests in cloud chasing and vape tricks. Participants gain prizes while spectators get aesthetical enjoyment. I think that is the reason why the culture is thriving.

VAPEXPO: What are your favorite e-juices?

A.A.: Undoubtedly, Graham Mother and Graham Father by the American Public Bru Gourmet. The former e-liquid has the taste of pear cookies, the latter – milk with cookies. They are perfectly manufactured.

By the way, at the event, I enjoyed a popcorn e-liquid of the Ukrainian developer. Mostly, I vape American e-liquids but home manufacturers don’t get behind.

VAPEXPO: Would you choose any vaper as a respondent in The Interviewer? (The Interviewer is an authorial program of Anatoliy Anatolich. – Ed.)

A.A.: Maybe, I would invite to an interview a global champion in vape tricks. Unfortunately, there aren’t any among the Ukrainians but they are likely to appear in the future.

VAPEXPO: What are your impressions at VAPEXPO Kiev?

A.A.: I enjoyed the format. For instance, I attended the U.S. comics festivals, and this event cast me back to that atmosphere: people with one idea, pretty girls, and unusual guys are painting the town red and get acquainted. People who like vaping should stay in touch with each other. All I want is to wish luck to the organizers!

We have prepared the series of interviews with the visitors and participants of the event. Keep track of the news on our website!

Author: Yanina Volovyk


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