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Alp Liq Collection: gusto tour in big cities

Alp Liq Collection: gusto tour in big cities

Rephrasing the proverbial phrase to vaping motive: “so many vapers, so many e-liquids”. We owe such a wide choice of e-liquids to vape manufacturers: every day they come up with new amazing mixes, among which everyone will find something to his liking.

Vapers could try a great variety of e-liquids on 4 and 5 of March at the international vaping exhibition VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 that presented 58 companies from all over the world. One of the participants was Alp Liq Company from France and Switzerland. They provided us with three flavors of their premium line Alp Liq Collection, and we will gladly share impressions with our readers.

At first glance

The manufacturer positions the collection as the most exquisite of the whole assortment. It consists of six flavors tied to metropolitan cities. We got to try Rome, London, and New York.

Bottles are made from glass (with ultraviolet protection) and with a capacity of 30 ml. The label shows the corporate logo, flavor title, as well as PG/VG proportions (50/50 or 30/70). Nicotine concentration: 0, 1.5, 3, or 6 mg.

Flavor and color

After external characteristics, it is time to proceed with the most important thing – the description of flavors.


Manufacturer’s description: “Whisky Flavor: Kentucky bourbon in the brown sugar aroma, surrounded by grilled almonds and vanilla notes”.

Vapexpo KIEV. Alp Liq Collection: gusto tour in big cities NIGHT IN NEW YORK

Obviously, sugar dominates here, that is why the e-liquid tastes like cookies. Whisky and almonds are felt thanks to the astringency of “cookies”. Experienced vapers, bored with the common flavors of other e-liquids, will like the mix.


Manufacturer’s description: “Cinnamon Biscuit Flavor: Barley, cinnamon, lemon peel and blackcurrant liqueur notes”.

Vapexpo KIEV. Alp Liq Collection: gusto tour in big cities TEA TIME IN LONDON

A very nice e-liquid that truly reveals tea flavor. Exotic green rather than classic English black tea. Fruits play a leading part, and cinnamon emphasizes their sweetness. The e-liquid took the first place in our rating.


Manufacturer’s description: “Citrus Fruits Flavor: Vanilla cream aroma, completed by orange and lemon notes”.

Vapexpo KIEV. AAlp Liq Collection: gusto tour in big cities ICE CREAM IN ROMA

When inhaling, you receive an intensive taste of ice cream. When exhaling, you get a luscious taste and harsh aftertaste of citrus peel. We cannot say that the e-liquid is light, but it does not mar the impression, on the contrary, that is the advantage.

Alp Liq Collection is a truly amazing combination of daintiness and charm of big cities. We definitely recommend that you try the whole collection and reveal the magic of the world centers of culture, business, and fashion. These and other Alp Liq e-liquids are available on the manufacturer’s website.

We thank the company for the provided mixes.

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