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Allen by Picolibri: why?

Allen by Picolibri: why?

Today we’ll talk about the controversial Allen box mod from a French company Picolibri. What’s the controversy? Let’s find out.

The device looks perfect. Body is made of stabilized wood and aluminum. Thanks to the comfortable shape, it fits perfectly in the hand. Color options are endless, depending on the customer wish.

The Italian board Aulus is installed on the inside. It provides the necessary protection and 50W output. Maximum voltage is 9.9V.

Mod operates on a single 18650 battery. Given the output power, there’s no need for more batteries.

In the package you can find the mod itself and... that’s it.

And now about the controversy. Despite the poor set and quite a low capacity by modern standards, the cost of Allen by Picolibri is whopping €900.

You can learn more at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017!

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