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Alexander Shevchenko: “It’s not too late to occupy your own niche!”

Alexander Shevchenko: “It’s not too late to occupy your own niche!”

Shortly before VAPEXPO Kiev-2016 we talked to an expert in the sphere of online sales of vape products, owner of the company “Ekosigara” Alexander Shevchenko, and found out his opinion regarding the current state of vaping market in Ukraine, and its possible development scenarios.

Interviewer: VAPEXPO Kiev (VAPEXPO)

Speaker: Alexander Shevchenko (A.S.)

VAPEXPO: Will you please tell us about the main reasons of shifting your business from offline to online?

A.S.: In 2012 we had several landbased outlets apart from Internet stores, but they did not pay off. We closed them down, as far as decided to focus our efforts on Internet sales and wholesaling.

VAPEXPO: How Ukrainian Internet market differs from the world one?

A.S.: World Internet market can be roughly divided into the following economic zones: the USA, Russia, European Union, China and all the other countries.

Correspondingly, it isn’t right to compare Ukrainian and world markets – it’s rather abstract. It would be better to compare it with a specific economic area or country.

General aspects of Ukrainian vaping:

  • Our Internet market is a micromarket when compared to other zones. It can be easily analyzed using Google Trends tools, for example;
  • Domestic market doesn’t realize the available potential at least twice as compared to Russia and US;
  • Our country has no legal framework, which would regulate sales of vape products, resulting in a possibility of easy entry into business. Consequently, there are lots of low-level ‘vendors’, who can sell replicas and defective goods.

At VAPEXPO Kiev I will provide a more detailed comparative analysis of markets.

VAPEXPO: How has vaping market changed in Ukraine and throughout the world from the time you opened your first shop?

A.S.: You won’t find defective models in the market in the majority of cases. Vaping has advanced from the technological point of view. There are many different-level vendors and e-liquid brands. Ukraine already has a vape subculture and community.

VAPEXPO: What methods of product promotion do you consider to be the most and least efficient in vaping market?

A.S.: SEO is the most efficient for Internet sales. Other methods should be tested. Everything can be effective, if paid enough of attention.

VAPEXPO: Please tell us what prospects and peculiarities of vape industry development do you see in Ukraine?

A.S.: There are several possible macro scenarios, which can completely change the situation:

If detached from reality laws are introduced, not only small market players will close down, but major players will also lose a great share of their profits. As the result prices for products will go up, part of the market will move into the shadows, under the counter sales will emerge.

If the state won’t hinder the market development, its further growth is possible. As I have already mentioned, we do not realize our whole potential.

Alexander will speak at VAPEXPO Kiev on October 1, where he will present his cases. Come to listen to his presentation “Review and analysis of Ukrainian and global online vaping market”, and find out how to improve your business with the help of modern methods of online product promotion.

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