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Adonis Max by Arctic Dolphon – stylish and expensive

Adonis Max by Arctic Dolphon – stylish and expensive

Arctic Dolphon has released another high-end box mod as part of Adonis line. So, meet Adonis Max.

Device looks very stylish: the black chassis ideally harmonizes with the wood covering. And there is a wide choice of colors for wood.

Adonis Max by Arctic Dolphon

Manufacturer use their proprietary chips for box mods, and Adonis Max is not an exception. As the device is positioned as a premium class product, we can only hope that the chip is of the same quality as DNA. And only time will tell how good it is.

The new product is more powerful than its predecessors. Device features a compartment for a single 26650 battery instead of usual 18650.

Maximum power output is 100 watt, resistance ranges from 0.1 to 2.5 ohm, and in the temperature control mode – from 0.06 to 1 ohm.

High-end box mods from Arctic Dolphon look just as well as rival devices of the same segment. But doubts remain regarding the technical characteristics, and it can seem that manufacturer decided to sell a batch-produced device as a high-end product only due to its design. If it isn’t the case and Adonis Max by Arctic Dolphon is a decent box mod, it won’t be a problem to spend $315 on it.

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